Expand Your Network/Connections

Reinhardt alumni include more than 13,300 living alumni who've experienced the individualized approach to creating unique "Reinhardt Experience" where each student thrives.

Whether you experienced Reinhardt and completed your degree, or perhaps started at Reinhardt and discovered you needed to study elsewhere in pursuit of your career/life goals, you are numbered among our alumni network. And, we hope you'll continue your connections and build your personal network as a part of today's Reinhardt University.

Please keep your contact information current with the Office of Alumni. We publish an annual summary of alumni news called alumnotes - job changes, marriage, births, relocations, awards, graduations and other news in Reinhardt magazine.

For more information, please call (770) 720-9152, send email to Alumni@ or connect via social media: Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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  • Office of Alumni Relations & Giving