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Welcome久游棋牌 to the Business Office!

Students must view Tuition and fee statements online via EagleWeb.  To view your statement, please go to: http://eagleweb./ics .  Please monitor your EagleWeb account and Reinhardt email for updates as any changes you make prior to or during the semester may impact you financially.  If you need assistance with email or EagleWeb, go to the Information Technology section of the Reinhardt website.

To continue to provide you with the best possible service, we are now accepting ACH transfers (e-check) for payments through eagleweb, along with credit card payment. 

To view your statement online, select the following options from your EagleWeb 久游棋牌page:

  1. Select "My Account Info" (Upper left-hand corner of screen)
  2. Select "Course and Fee Statement"
  3. Select "Generate Course and Fee Statement"
  4. Select "View my Course and Fee Statement"


The Business Office is on the main floor of the Burgess Administration Building

Office Hours

Monday - Friday..........................9:00am - 4:30pm

For more information on student accounts contact

Robin Blackwell 770.720.5520 ARB@
Karey Schrock 770.720.5918 karey.schrock@
Kim Kendrick 770.720.5519 kim.kendrick@
Christie Cain 770.720.5515 christiecain@


Submit a question online to our Student Accounts Team.

Other contact information

Business Office
Fax:  770-720-5655
Email:  BusinessOffice@